November 02, 2006


There is a great war going on within my soul.

On one side of this great Gettysburg stand goodness and light and all that is natural and perfect. There is a yearning for that which is authentic. There is a desire to become purity and truth.

On the other side? Nothing but a den of greay iniquity, a place where hell looks like a pristine sanctuary in comparison to the grimy bus-station of twisted, gutteral, basal urges that lurk just beneath the surface.

How do I know each exists? Because of Sonic Drive-In.

They sent me this press release and reminded me to which side of the neighborhood my basic instincts gravitate:


Everything is better with chili and SONIC Drive-In’s newest menu item is proving that to be true!

Available only in November, SONIC now features the Fritos® Chili Cheese Wrap and Large Tots combo with a suggested price of only $2.99. Just in time for wintry weather, this warm wrap and home-style favorite is sure to heat up the coldest of days. Thaw out with warm, slow-cooked chili mixed with crunchy Fritos® chips and topped with melted cheese. A soft flour tortilla pulls this warm-weather creation together and makes for effortless eating on the go.

Drive in to SONIC and get your Fritos® Chili Cheese Wrap & Tots today!

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