February 02, 2007


DrewMeyerowichInUniform.JPGBack before Christmas, Casa del Ensalada sent a care package to my buddy Drew, who's deployed to Iraq.

We included the usual stuff - candy, DVDs, a cigar t-shirt, season No. 3 of "Gilmore Girls." Okay, that's last one is a lie. But we definitely sent the other stuff.

Anyway, we included a bunch of toys that we bought at the dollar store in our neighborhood. There were jump ropes and bouncy balls, flying discs they could throw and stuffed animals.

Drew just e-mailed today to say that he's finally had a chance to hand out the items we sent. They had the desired effect.

"The stuffed animal was almost as well recevied as the flying disc...the kids thought they were magic..."

Here's the rest of his e-mail:


You know how long ago you sent me your care package, and unfortunately, my time has not been spent doing a lot of pleasantries. We just came off of a two-day operation with the Iraqi Army and I was finally afforded the opportunity to share some of the bounty I have been given. Attached are two pictures of items you sent.

Photo No. 1.

Photo No. 2.

Most of the city governments that I deal with are trying, but their are exceptions, and the Army and Police continue to make steady progress. My Soldiers continue to impress the hell out of me by their relentless compassion towards the innocent people here, and uncompromising ruthlessness for those who excite hatred and destruction.

Take Care,


For those who want to send a package or a card to Drew, here's the address:

Meyerowich, Drew
Unit # 70093
APO AE 09338


Coffee and sunsets.

Get your motor runnin'.

"Wolfhounds don't do anything small."

Thanksgiving in Iraq.

"What sacrifice for the sake of freedom feels like."

"I am amazed by them every single day."

It's who you know.

Month two of deployment.

I'd walk a mile.

Boots on the ground.

Once more into the breech.

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