August 08, 2007


Excerpt from the official CNN transcript of Paula Deen's appearance Monday with her sons Jamie and Bobby on Larry King Live this week:

PaulaDeenOnLarryKingLive.JPGKING: By the way, country superstar Toby Keith, his new album is called "Big Dog Daddy." He's a good friend of ours.

DEEN: "Big Dog Daddy."

KING: He sent us a question for you. He said, "I have an awesome fried bologna sandwich that's a huge hit at my restaurants. Are there any dishes you've created that turned out to be a lot more popular than you expected?"

DEEN: Yes. And it's probably my ho cakes.

KING: Ho cakes?

DEEN: My ho cakes.

KING: What's a ho cake?

DEEN: Well, it isn't the girl on the corner, I'll tell you, that Larry. A ho cake is a pan-fried cornbread.

KING: Go ahead.

DEEN: It looks like almost like a pancake, not quite as big. And we have bread stations on the ding room floor at the Lady and Sons, and we have somebody out there on the griddle cooking these ho cakes. And we cook them in butter, well, actually a clarified margarine and they are so good with pot liquor from our collard greens and then at the end of your meal with syrup, they are just out of this world.

KING: Well, you ought to try Toby's fried bologna too.

DEEN: I would love to try his fried bologna.

KING: Toby, send her some.

Yes, Toby. Please do. By all means. If there's anything that a chain-smoking 60-year-old woman with a penchant for cooking buttery food needs, it's a fried bologna sandwich. In fact, make it a double. And send over a carton of Lucky Strikes while you're at it.

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