December 04, 2007


Debra Lafave Probation Violation Mugshot Neither Naked Nude Nor Unclothed But Still Very Sexy.jpg As we noted two years ago, Teacher of the Century Debra Lafave seems destined to have a movie made about her life. Today's news item that she's been bounced back to prison for violating parole only makes it more likely. New plot twist and all.

Anyway, it got me to thinking again about who will be playing her in "Too Pretty For Prison" or "Hot For Teacher" or whatever the name becomes.

As we noted, the perfect actress would exude a stunning visage on the outside while cloaking the tawdry desires lurking within. She'd have to look good in a blue bikini while, logically, riding a motorcycle, as well as demure enough to carry off a wedding scene.

You'd have to believe that she was outwardly pure and lovely while being full of vile and offensive urges, someone duplicitous and sexy and vivacious and evil. She'd be able to display lifeless doll's eyes one moment and a flash of flirtatious energy the next. She'd have porcelain skin and vermicelli-straight hair. She'd be the portrait of a victimized ice queen, and the embodiment of every schoolboy's dream.

The leading contenders, as I see them, continue to be ...


Jennie Garth


Gwyneth Paltrow


Jaime Pressley


Bea Arthur

The last time we did this, Bea got 22 percent of the vote.

You can vote for your favorite here:

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