February 21, 2008


I'm not usually much for attending theme parties. Mostly because finding a costume for someone with my dimensions is a large pain in the tuchass.

But if you ever get invited to an '80s party at my buddy Patrick's house, I highly recommend you attend. We went last weekend and I'm still laughing at the memories.

Yes, there was a lip synching competition. And a breakdancing competition. And a moonwalking competition. Hilarious, all of them. Video of these exist, but only for blackmail purposes.

Who was in attendance?

80s Party - Maverick Goose and Madonna.JPG

Maverick, Goose and Madonna.

(Maverick narrowly lost to Slash from Guns N' Roses in an air guitar contest.)

80s Party - Rocky Balboa.JPG

Rocky Balboa.

("Yo, Adrian. My abs are riding up.")

80s Party - Wonder Woman serves vodka Jell-O Shots.JPG

Rocky's wife, Wonder Woman, who served Jell-O shots.

Again, very '80s. Or at least what little of it I still remember.

80s Party - AC-DC Groupie with Bartles and Jaymes.JPG

There also was an AC/DC groupie. The four-pack of Bartles and Jaymes she brought was a nice touch.

There was a time in my life during the '80s when Bartles and Jaymes could technically have qualified as extended family for me.

Best and most-simple costume of the night? (Besides Salad Wife, who spectacularly dressed as a Robert Palmer girl - with me as a very oversized and greasy-headed R.P.)

Had to give the award to Joel Goodson from "Risky Business."

80s Party - Tom Cruise in Risky Business.JPG

I am so stealing this idea next time I go to an '80s costume party. That is both a promise and a warning.

My favorite costume was also the darkest costume of the night. That it adorned Salad Boy is a source of eternal pride:

80s Party - Baby Jessica In The Well.JPG

Baby Jessica in the well.

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