July 09, 2008


My friend and colleague Kurt got a new job at a different company a couple weeks ago.

His relocation hasn't stopped the press kits from rolling in the door at work.

His friends at National Geographic sent this lovely gift.

The Kurt Towel

It's a lovely, plush towel. Makes sense. When you think National Geographic, you naturally think luxury cotton products.

And it's been monogrammed with his name. Probably so he couldn't turn around and sell it on eBay, I'm guessing.

Not that any professional journalist would ever do that. Kurt certainly never would have.

Only problem: I won't see Kurt for a while in order to give it to him.

Seems a shame to waste all that good towel until I do. I think Kurt would agree.

Phil headshot

This is Phil. Phil is my muse.

I have made photographs of Phil in a variety of poses.

Wearing only a towel has not been one of them.

Phil enjoys some "coverage"

You have no idea how hard it is to get a hypochondriac to strip down in a newsroom for a candid photograph.

Phil enjoys some "coverage"

This is as close as we could get.


This is Mike.

Mike towels off

This was Mike's last day on the job. He's leaving, too, just like Kurt.

Mike didn't get a nice towel in a press kit from National Geographic. Not yet, anyway. (He did, however clean up in the going-away booze and cigar departments, courtesy of co-workers.)

We didn't think it was fair to deny him access to quality cotton products. Especially since Mike has occasional perspiration problems.

Mike is very hairy.

Mike towels off

Mike towels off

Mike towels off

There. All better.

Now, don't tell Kurt about our little project, kids. It will be our little secret.

Where will the towel go next?

Better yet, where should the towel go next?

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