June 23, 2008


Dear Google,

Congratulations on owning the Internet. Seriously. Big ups to you for conquering the planet.

If I might, I'd like to bring something to your attention.

Google Streetview.JPG

You have this nifty thing on your maps page called Street View. (I know you know about it. You guys know EVERYTHING!)

Anyway, for some reason, you found the time and money to drive by my house out in the suburbs and take a photo. (Must cost a bundle to fill up your tank these days.) Not sure why that seemed necessary - it's not like I live in a high-traffic area that the public visits a lot - but you did it anyway. So be it.

Street View seemed like a lot of fun when I could navigate the avenues of Manhattan or cruise the strip in Las Vegas with only a click of my mouse. Sure seemed like a clever idea. And it was hilarious when you'd accidentally catch a kid falling off his bike or someone in the middle of doing a little bidness. It also was a little funny when you captured my friend Jay giving people directions in front of our workplace.

Then again, those tender moments didn't include driving past my house.

But now you have. And let me say it was a thrill to realize you had done so.

Up until it wasn't.

Google Streetview Photo.JPG

Did you have to pick trash day, Google? Did you?

Thanks. Seriously. Your perserverence should make it easier for future home buyers to see that tasty visual morsel for themselves.

FYI: I'll be driving by your house for the next few months, hoping to catch you doing something embarassing. Should be a hoot.

All the best for your continued success,



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