October 23, 2008


Saw this transaction proposed over on Craigslist. It reminded me that it's been five long months since any sombrero-related material was posted in the Salad Bowl.

Looking at this ad, I should have posted this one myself:

SombreroNumeral 4Kayak

I will trade my sombrero for your kayak.

So, you finally realized that kayaks are work. You would much rather replace all that sweaty paddling with a cool, shady nap under a wide-brim hat dreaming of nachos.

You think about all the space in your garage that kayak's taking up and just start to count how many jars of salsa you could fit on that shelf.

You remember last Cinco de Mayo when you showed up to the big party sans sombrero. Someone threw a bell pepper at your head.

Don't you think it's about time you traded in that kayak for a nice comfortable sombrero?

Okay. How about I also throw in a pinata with 300 dollars worth of loose change?

Think about it... If you no longer need that 10-12 foot sit on top kayak, I have a sombrero that - and I'm not even lying - would look stunning on you.

You think you look good in that poncho of yours, you just wait until the ladies get a load of you in that sombrero. Meow, indeed.

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