May 25, 2004


When we last left my buddy Drew, he was on the job and holed up in the blast furnace that is the UAE (United Arab Emirates).

He reports in his most recent e-mail that - surprise - it's still hot. Africa hot. And the country is restless:

The Abu Dahbi soccer team won a big game last night. The result was almost the entire city getting in their cars and driving the Corniche (sort of like Bayshore Drive [in Tampa] gone Arab). All the cars were beeping and people were hanging out their windows all dressed the same: full body covered with white sheets (including their heads). This all started at the exact same time I departed for the airport to drop off a VIP. Trying to worry about security with all these people in full Arab garb was quite interesting. I would have taken a picture but that in itself would have caused an international scene. Instead, I sat back and waited for the first rebel to storm the car... I wasn't going down alone. That never happened. My UAE counterpart found my concern and alarm somewhat amusing... I didn't see it that way, but at least he got a laugh about it.

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