April 05, 2005


The creep has been slow, like watching a glacier move down a mountainside.

But there definitely is creep.

One by one, friends I know have been jumping into the blogging pool. And rather than castigate them with a finger wag and a, "What the hell took you so long?" I choose to welcome them into the club and promote their efforts, following in the model of Dave, who did the same for me.

In this case, it's a new blog by my friend Jolie, with whom I worked many moons ago. (Could it really be almost 5 years???)

She's hilarious and brilliant and a great writer. She's also the inspiration for the little-beloved, much-misunderstood Your Moment of Britney series.

What can you expect when you visit her aptly named "average everyday sane/psycho supergoddess" blog? Why, lots of pop culture, a hint of Boston attitude, a pinch of sports and pearls like this, of course:

my tush is expanding as I type this...

Listening to Jennifer Lopez's entire ouvre. I have the sudden urge to bully a man into buying me bling.

And this:

my weekend prayers

It was a spiritual kind of weekend, what with goings on in Vatican City & Opening Day - all told I believe I watched about 550 hours of Papal coverage & Ken Burns Baseball. I did, however, catch a snippet each of the Trashiest Girls on TV: Gastineau and Power. How do these people live with themselves? The horror, the horror, the bleach-blonde horror!! I can only handle about 79 seconds of each show before breaking out in hives and maniacally reaching for the remote, but it did occur to me that someone should call FOX and suggest a Gastineau/Power Girls You're-Not-A-Celebrity-Despite-Your-Best-Efforts-To-Convince-Us-Otherwise Mud Wrestling Smackdown.

Better yet, invite Victoria Gotti and we'll make it a threesome.

Enjoy, folks. You might want to bring your Entertainment Weekly and a couple cans of Diet Doctor Pepper to keep up.

Posted by Jeff at April 5, 2005 08:16 AM

*sniff sniff, sob sob* Jeff, my dear friend and inspiration, you've outdone yourself. Thank you 550 times over for your kind words. God, five years... if I weren't already all teared up from the exuberant praise, then this would do it:


Posted by: Jolie at April 5, 2005 03:15 PM

Wow. Hadn't seen that page in a while. Okay, I lied. I pull it up every 30 seconds to remind myself that I could somewhat write at one time in my life.

Thanks for longsnapping me back to reality, babe.

Posted by: Jeff at April 6, 2005 06:09 AM
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