October 18, 2004


Yes, Side Salad is two years old. (Imagine me holding up three fingers like a toddler and saying, "I TOO YEARTH OLT.")
Hard to believe you can sustain crap this long, but I'm living proof. If the content of this blog isn't direct from the ass factory outlet - So we can pass the savings on to YOU! - I don't know what is.
Few would have predicted it would last this long. Then again, I did launch the U-boat with this gleaming bit of prose.
I've called it quits a couple times. I've come back. I'm still here. La-di-da.
I keep doing it because, you know, I'm vainglorious and I like to amuse myself.
Speaking of which, I'll be celebrating the Salad's birfday with not only the scariest cake on earth, viewed above (It's Carvel's John Wayne Gacy Cake, I believe. They make it in the shape of the Whale Cake.), but by also linking to the greatest hits of the Salad Bowl. Such that they are.
Enjoy. Please try not to hold the penis enlargment spam in the comments against me. A man only has so many hours in the day to clean filth from his blog.

Crap Safari 1
Crap Safari 2
Calendar of Disturbing Santas
Discovering My Muse
Mullet Nation
Adventures In Traffic Posted by Jeff at October 18, 2004 07:30 AM | TrackBack

Ah, the terrible two's, I reached my two-year anniversary on September 1st, I've never quit; although I've spewed babble that even one of my multiple personalities wouldn't own up too. Two years in nothing to the vainglorious: we will not be denied our chance to shine; albeit, somewhat dimmly, in the blogoshere.

Happy Birthday! I love your humor, your radio blog and your infinite love of your life and family.

Carry on... ;)

Posted by: Cupie at October 18, 2004 10:58 PM